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Collective Community Church (C3) is a place where people matter; their successes as followers of Jesus Christ matter. Although we come to Christ individually, God has called His Church to unify, worship, and win together. With this in mind, we pursue God collectively with passion and sincerity. We believe our greatest testimony is not simply succeeding in Him but also helping others to know and succeed in Him as well.


We are Collective Community Church!

John 17:20-21

"I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word; that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me."  


C3 Senior Pastor

Pastor Damon Davis 2018

Pastor Damon Davis

Damon Davis is a Senior Pastor based in Birmingham, Alabama. With an inspiring approach that drives authentic change through Jesus, Damon helps develop and create change in people from all walks of life, from business professionals to ex-offenders.


Damon’s ministry career first began at the Faith Christian Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then he’s held over ten fruitful and active years of full-time ministry experience as a Youth Pastor, Outreach Minister and now, Senior Pastor. Originally from Detroit, as a loving husband and father of three, Damon is well known in communities across the U.S. for his passionate teachings, Christian standards, knowledge of scripture, and his wholehearted commitment to helping better the lives of others.


Damon is particularly passionate about helping young adults in urban communities meet Jesus - likely because it’s a story close to his heart. Damon grew up in inner-city Detroit and spent several years in the Nashville area as a child. Before knowing Christ, he was an at-risk street youth that was well on his way to being another statistic. But then, at aged 24, he met Jesus Christ. His life was radically changed, and he’s been helping change other people’s lives ever since.


Today, as pastor of Collective Community Church and director of SimpleFolk Network, together with his wife Malissa, Damon is leading a network of people from God’s Church to better communities in practical, loving ways that ripple out and enact positive change.

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Lady Malissa Davis


Experience Leader

Minister Louis Parks

 Louis Parks

Service Operations

Dr. Shameika Moment


Children's Ministry Lead

Minister LaKendra Grimes


Church Manager

All Ministry at C3 Rests on These Three Pillars

Pastor Damon Davis Teaches At Faith Christian Center
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Christianity is a "team sport". God has called us to complement one another's gifts and callings as we further His Kingdom.



Every believer is set free from the power of sin as a real and present reality. We encourage all to use their faith to walk in the freedom you have been promised.



All Christians should consider themselves devoted disciples that are knowledgeable of their Lord's teachings and committed to His ways.

The Essentials

Values At The Core Of Our Community
  • Love - Love is sacrificial by nature. It is willing to lay down one’s life for others. It is unbiblical to have and pursue a love for God, but neglect our responsibility to love people. We are willing to be inconvenienced, uncomfortable, and at times delayed for the better good of others.

  • Worship - Worship is more than a song, it is a submissive lifestyle of one continually yielding his heart in actions and words to the Lord so that his life is a reflection of the reverence he has toward God.

Grow Groups Gathering
  • Sharing - All living things thrive on the law of reciprocity.  Therefore, we firmly believe that people should not only accept the blessings of God, but more importantly, we should be willing to share the blessings of God (knowledge, resources, time, etc.) to a level that is beyond our comfort zone, but sustainable by our faith.

  • Knowledge - Continual learning is necessary to support personal growth, deeper revelation, and maturation of disciplines and giftings. Therefore, as a lifestyle, we read books, take courses, attend conferences, and set educational goals that will keep us informed of secular ideas, knowledgeable of scripture, and more useful in the hand of God.

  • Taking Action - We do not stand by idly speaking of great ideas we never act upon, but rather we pray, believe, strategize and act on all that God permits us to do.

  • Community - God is relational and He has created people with the same nature. For this reason, Christians thrive when they are a part of a healthy community. Therefore, we highly esteem the local church, as well as other formal and informal gatherings of believers and families.   

  • Righteousness - Righteousness is still a virtue for our day. There is still a right and wrong way to live. God distinguishes the difference between the two in the Bible, so we aim to be in right standing with God and people.


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